AubreyCo, Inc. is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Founded in 2016, AubreyCo has established itself as a world-class company committed to serving the greater good of humanity.  Through its dozens of subsidiaries, AubreyCo has a diversified presence in the chemical, construction, education, energy, entertainment, defense, financial, food, health care, real estate, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, and waste management industries.


AubreyCo, Inc. is fully aware of the massive influence it has on the world. From humble upbringings, AubreyCo has continued to maintain a firm stance that with great power comes great responsibility. Each of AubreyCo's companies proudly take part in charitable actions and events that better the local communities.


In June 2017, AubreyCo formed its own non-profit organization, AubreyCares, to continue its commitment to bringing love and support to neighborhoods across the globe.


AJ Electronics, an AubreyCo Company

AubreyTech (formerly ArmandTech)

Aubrey Foods (formerly GemCo)

Aubrey Health (formerly Mori Health)

Aubrey Homes (formerly Bogatch Builders)

CarEz Waste Management, an AubreyCo Company

Hundos Financial (formerly KrisSys Financial)

KaioGO, an AubreyCo Company

KaylaKiki Khem, an AubreyCo Company

Pen Pineapple Pictures/ Apple Pen Entertainment

SweetieTalk (an AubreyCo company)

UniReal Estate