Oct 14, 2017, 8:30 AM
Las Vegas

AubreyCo: Year One is an event to celebrate the one year anniversary of AubreyCo's formation.  The event will kick off with a special ceremony to recognize the appointment of the Council of Godparents.



8:30 am | Baptism  

Saint Anne Catholic Church

1901 S Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89104

12:00 pm | Birthday Party 

AubreyCo (former HQ)

6764 Medovina Court

Las Vegas, NV 89139


Council of Godparents

The Council of Godparents (COG) will serve as an auxiliary executive advisory board for the company’s CEO.  The COG will consist of executive sponsors who will help teach and guide the CEO.


The Godparents will be as followed:

Ms. Kathleen Simon

Ms. Amber Suarez
Ms. Leslee Esparagoza
Mrs. Celeste Gem Bogatch
Mrs. Chris Belle Razon Diffoot
Mrs. Mori Escalante 

Mr. Laurence Huang

Mr. David Bravo
Mr. Mikhail Iturralde
Mr. Yehudah Bogatch
Mr. Jason Diffoot
Mr. Marty Escalante



Your presence at the AubreyCo: Year One Event is the greatest gift of all.  You do not need to bring a gift.  However, some will insist.  If you'd like to give more than hugs and love, please donate to AubreyCo's college fund.



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